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Digital Arts

The Computer-Aided Designer(CAD)/Drafter Certificate Program provides basic to advanced training necessary for employment as a CAD drafter. Open to all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Access to a laptop computer required. Open enrollment, schedules are subject to change. Please call for updates. (Instructor-directed) Customized training available. 

Please send inquiries to Johnny Gallardo at or 925.335.5890.

Open Enrollment TBD* email Gallardo

  • CAD 1

    Learn CAD terminology, user interface, and command structure. By the end of this section you will be able to create and edit drawings efficiently using AutoCAD.
    : Basic computer file management. 

    Monday or Tuesday 9:30am-2pm $1080 Gallardo
    Saturday 8:30am-12:30pm $1036 Gallardo


  • CAD 2

    This intermediate course incorporates techniques for increased productivity when annotating and creating construction documents. Prerequisites: CAD Part 1 or equivalent experience.

    Monday or Tuesday 9:30am-2pm $1080 Gallardo
    Saturday 8:30am-12:30pm $1036 Gallardo

  • CAD 3

    This course provides foundations and practice in creating 3D models. Students explore techniques for creation of solid and surface models. Course topics provide a foundation for students wishing to take advanced 3D or animation graphics.
    Recommended: CAD Parts 1 and 2 or equivalent experience.

    Open Enrollment TBD* email Gallardo


Architectural Design

  • revit 1

    Topics: Revit for architectural design, visualization, and communication. Learn how to use BIM to manage drawings across disciplines for increased productivity. Course is an effective primer for professionals in
    structural, mechanical, electrical and piping disciplines for advancement to Revit MEP.

    Monday or Tuesday 9:30am-2pm $1080 Gallardo

  • revit 2

    Continued learning of parametric families, customization,  collaboration tools, schedules, worksets. This class is designed for CAD and/or Revit BIM Managers.

    Monday or Tuesday 9:30am-2pm $547 Gallardo

The Media Arts Certificate Program prepares students for careers in Advertising and Graphic Design. Professional portfolio-based training for employment in the field of Marketing Communications. Emphasis on the tenets of Graphic Design, Typography, and Color Theory will be studied and applied. Access to a laptop computer and subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud required.

All classes $628.00/per class

Email inquiries to:

  • AI

    Adobe Illustrator is the leading vector-based
    design software used by professional graphic
    designers, technical illustrators, and drafters. Learn
    the basic tools and techniques used to create
    logos, diagrams, and illustrations.

  • AI 2 portfolio

                                  Lessons build on Part 1 skills for portfolio development Course will focus on graphic design portfolio projects                                      in brand identity design, product packaging, technical illustrations, and information graphics.
    Prerequisite: Illustrator Part 1


  • Photoshop 1

    Learn the basics of Photoshop tools for digital image editing using layers, image resolution and optimization for the web, print and video delivery will be explored while applying design fundamentals for print and online projects.

  • Adobe Photo 2
                                                                             Lessons build on Part 1 skills for portfolio development.                                                                    Advanced selection techniques, layers, masking, filters, blend modes, using the pen tool, and gif animation. 
    Prerequisite: Photoshop Part 1.

  • Adobe Animate 1

                                     Introductory course to the industry-leading authoring tool for producing interactive content for websites                                      and other digital platforms. Learn how to animate vector-based graphics for websites, advertising and information graphics.

  • Adobe Animate 2

                                                                         Lessons build on Part 1 skills for portfolio development.                                                                               Apply advanced motion techniques using symbols, masks, basic action-scripting. 
    Prerequisite: Animate Part 1