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Personal and Professional Development

Tai ChiTai Chi

Tai Chi promotes physical fitness, self-cultivation,
and self-defense, suitable for all. Teacher Si Jun
has practiced martial arts for over 40 years, winning
numerous gold medals in national and provincial
Tai Chi competitions in China. Join our classes
to gain lifelong benefits. All are welcome to experience the art of Tai Chi.


BANDCommunity Band/ Diablo Regional Concert Band

Do you play a band instrument? This course is designed for those with some background in instrumental music. Our band class practices a variety of musical compositions and performs at various community functions. Join at anytime. Please call Cora Martens to verify day and time at (925) 451-6222.



FrenchBeginning French 1

If you have never taken French before, this course is for you! You will learn basic vocabulary, survival expressions and fun facts about French and francophone cultures. You will be introduced to the present tense essential verbs such as to be, to have, to eat, etc.

Beginning French 2

This course is for those who have basic knowledge of French but feel they need more. In this course you will learn to formulate simple sentences, ask yes/no questions, irregular verbs in the present tense, and be introduced to the future tense.



spanishBeginning Spanish

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of Spanish, beginning with the alphabet and the pronunciation of each letter. You will also learn some of the cultural aspects of the language and why certain words contain accents and how that changes the word’s meaning. You will learn greetings, asking for directions and asking and answering simple questions.

Intermediate Spanish

This course is for those students with a basic understanding of Spanish and with a desire to understand conversations to approximately 50% accuracy, as well as cultural aspects of Spanish. This course is designed to establish a base for basic communications, oriented toward shopping, making change, telling time and asking and answering more complex questions.



Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Is Not Just For The Wealthy Wills and Probate, Living Trust, Joint Tenancy; Federal Law Regarding Estate and Gift Taxes; Uses and Types of Trusts; Funding Trust; Titling Assets; Property Tax and Capital Gain Issues; Durable Power of Attorney; Advanced Health Care Planning, Trust and Probate Law.