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High School Diploma and/or Equivalency

Welcome! Our free programs are designed to help you reach your educational and professional goals. 



1. Schedule assessment
2. Complete registration form/submit transcripts
3. Complete new student orientation

Please call (925) 335-5890 ext. 3994 to schedule an orientation appointment and assessment.  Students will be given important information regarding course requirements, services provided, and what skills will be important in order to meet their end goal. 

Assessments are offered by appointment only to determine your class level.


Morning appointments: Tues/ Wed/ Thur at 9, 10, or 11
Evening appointments: Tues/ Thur at 5pm.




Steve Leopold, HS Diploma Coordinator

Maria Lumb, Registrar
925.335.5890 Ext. 3994


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• FAQ High School Diploma

• FAQ High School Equivalency

• HiSet Exam Schedule 2024



Martinez Adult Education is proud to administer the High School Equivalency Assessment (HiSET) and offers testing for computer-based HiSET exams.


  • In our fully accredited high school program, you will earn your credits to satisfy the requirements for graduation and achieve your diploma. An individual study plan and schedule towards completing a High School Diploma will be established for each student.

    Students earn credit based on competency–that is, on work satisfactorily completed. not on seat time. This method often makes it possible for students to earn credits in less time than it would take in a traditional classroom program. Students work individually on each subject area. The majority of the communication will be one-on-one with the teacher, not lecture style.

    A student is a high school graduate the day he/she completes the requirements. A graduation ceremony is held once a year in June to celebrate and award diplomas to all students who have completed their requirements in the previous school year. 

  • In our test preparation class, you will study the subjects needed to take and pass the High School Equivalency Examinations recognized by California to achieve your high school equivalency certificate.

  • This supportive class helps you prepare for the rigors of the high school curriculum by providing individualized instruction in reading, writing, math, and other basic skills. Limited high school credit is available. Upon successful completion of this class you may enroll in the High School Diploma.